KeepLivin is a health advocacy organization designed to inspire, inform and empower you to unleash your health rights. We are you and we fundamentally believe basic health rights are a civil right and our mission is to help you live healthier.


Is to inspire you to take control of your health, live healthy, manage illnesses and improve your physical and mental wellness.


By signing up to be a member of KeepLivin we will get you direct access to your health care data, which we will keep confidential as a matter of law. We will provide you tools and access to culturally appropriate doctors, wellness coaches, information, exclusive benefits and reward programs specifically tailored for you.


Chris Christmas
Chief Visionary Officer

Brett Wright
Chief Marketing Officer

Manny Gerard
Board High-Level strategy

Ty Faulkner
Health IT and Health Executive

Bill Giorgio
Executive Sales and Marketing

Péju Alawusa 
Creative Director / Brand Manager